If you’re like me and wait until the last minute to migrate to the latest version of react navigation, you’ll find yourself doing a good amount of refactoring.

I held on to V4 till the number of issues and the performance hit started to get seriously noticeable. React Navigation 5 migration (and the soon to be released 6…) is a lot of work, but trust me it’s worth it!

In addition to the fundamental approach (static vs dynamic) and APIs completely changing, there are a few concepts that no longer exist. One of them being the Switch Navigator.

Switch Navigation

The purpose…

So you want to set up your own TURN/STUN server to handle signaling and relaying webRTC calls. Ok, I searched quite a bit and was finally able to build something. Took me hours so hopefully this can help you do it in 30 minutes!

We needed something simple for Mocha Video Chat

  1. Create an EC2 instance with Amazon Linux AMI 2 (CentOs) or Debian/Ubuntu

2. Configure AWS Security group (Incoming) and Firewall rules:

80 : TCP # if you need to setup with SSL
443 : TCP # if you need to setup with SSL
3478 : UDP
3478 : TCP
10000–20000 : UDP…

Undoubtedly, we’ve heard the Coronavirus has reached all corners of the globe at this point. For most, working remotely is a new and temporary concept built around social distancing. Meanwhile, some of us chose this lifestyle prior to the pandemic. Social distancing may or may not be something that was already being practiced through work, unintentionally. While there’s plenty of information about the virus flooding the internet and social media, our conversations, and thoughts — we have the ability to lean in as a community and learn from and help one another.

Whether you’ve been sent home to work until…

Many innovations up till now have been providing the means for remote workers to be successful. Materialism is getting replaced with experiences. Self-improvement requires a work-life balance. Working remote is on the rise and it’s definitely where the future of work is headed.

Working remote might be the most exciting shift that is happening in a long time, and it will change every aspect of our lives. Some of this article is based on my personal experience working remote at ServiceNow (which I will share another time), some are based on stats and studies, and some are optimistic predictions:


Omid Borjian

Hi! My name is Omid and I’m a remote work enthusiast

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