Working Remotely While Social Distancing: COVID-19

Undoubtedly, we’ve heard the Coronavirus has reached all corners of the globe at this point. For most, working remotely is a new and temporary concept built around social distancing. Meanwhile, some of us chose this lifestyle prior to the pandemic. Social distancing may or may not be something that was already being practiced through work, unintentionally. While there’s plenty of information about the virus flooding the internet and social media, our conversations, and thoughts — we have the ability to lean in as a community and learn from and help one another.

Whether you’ve been sent home to work until this crazy reality is behind us, or you find yourself in a unique situation on territory away from the place you call home, we are all in this together, practicing the new concept of social distancing. The idea that working remotely can feel isolating and lonely however, isn’t new. So, at Mocha, we’re here to share tried and true tips on working remotely while social distancing.

Setting Up Space

If you don’t have an office or spare room to set up office in, consider designating a corner of your home space solely for work. Utilizing a folding table or coffee table can be an excellent solution to separating home life and work, both inside the home.

Ideally, it’s nice to have a natural light source, and a little fresh air if possible. If you can, have an organized space you can put yourself into wholeheartedly. Utilize accents of motivation and inspiration — like pictures of your family or a favorite vacation spot, or vision board. This is helpful in maintaining motivation and focus.

Developing a Routine

It’s great to carve out some time at the end of each day to reflect on goals and progress you made, highlighting what worked and shedding light in grey areas that maybe didn’t go so well. Setting intentions for the next day ahead, or even at the start of each day, is a great way to stay focused and really meet the goals you’ve set forth.

Juggling Family and Finding Productivity

Battling Everyday Distractions

Maintaining Your Sanity

Self-care and setting long-term goals are important to staying motivated. Setting a routine around work prevents feeling burnt-out. Education and self-awareness combat reacting out of fear of the unknown. And if you feel depressed, reach out to a friend or loved one near or far, to confide in. The thing to remember is that you’re not alone. Even though it might feel like it with the lack of day-to-day in-person interaction.

Getting Social While Practicing Social Distancing

Connect with people you worked with, in the office, day-to-day through chat, email, and LinkedIn. Join an app like Mocha and meet others in your area or in your similar field who are working remotely and start a conversation. And most importantly, check in on your loved ones. Call friends and family who you might have met with outside of work to grab a drink or meal, and see how they’re doing.

Schedule video calls to catch up, have a drink or share a meal together virtually. Don’t feel the pressure to only talk about current events. It’s important for our brains to have some release from immediate stressors. Allow yourself to laugh and have fun, even in stressful times, without guilt.

Remember, we are all in this together, near and far. Let’s use social distancing to our advantage in strengthening connections.

About the cover photo: In some countries when COVI-19 was declared a pandemic, the public bought all the toilet papers in the stores. The reason is yet to be known!

Photo Credit: By Claire Mueller

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